April 2, 2010

I fucking love this photo very much

and this girl.

Amber + Oskar

The used tour

One day it rained alot.

Always make sure you fasten down a 95kg generator on wheels.

Tom @ the Tivoli

Roof sessions

Anglesea house.

Wall feature birds

Perfect timing Davo.

Cliffs of insanity

This is what happens when you finish recording an album.


Welcome to Gosford.

Thank you Jimi

Stupidly opened my camera with film in it, got some cool results though


4 Responses to “Seaside”

  1. Ott said

    Amazing pictures!

  2. Alex said

    Hey man, I really like your photo blog. You have a great eye for composition. Looking forward to seeing more 🙂

    • Tim said

      Cheers Alex, I also checked out your work and I’m very impressed. My favorite is the photos with the animated characters and the cat piano is top class.

      • Alex said

        heya cheers man. its funny I stopped by your blog on a meandering internet trip via johnann’s I OH you site (who i met in passing via a friend of a friend in adelaide.) and im really glad I did. Its really great to see the progression of your photos from the start of your blog to the most recent post. There are some stunning shots here man (especially in the “best mate” post!).

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