The coldest month

August 1, 2010

A peaceful place

Kanye Lens

A shooting at the botanicals


Bells shoot.

Take a look – little bowery

Night shoot with my girl and some coloured lights

The party angel


Being collective with Jess

Looking under rocks for spiders of course.

Window reflection, want to do more of these.

check out Bells


Mt Buller

Last man standing


2 Responses to “The coldest month”

  1. Alex said

    Gorgeous as always tim! I absolutely love the “party angel”, “window reflection” and the “street art, fun for everybody” shots.

    Im not sure if youre interested, but you inspired me to start a blog for my photos. I’ve only been shooting for a few months so they arent anything special.
    …just thought I’d let you know


  2. Tim said

    hey alex, cheer for the support. i have seen your blog before when i was exploring your site, thats awesome that i inspired you. the shot are nice, film gives off the best vibe. cheers once again. Tim

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