I need to go back

October 1, 2010

Beautiful Europe

Danny met this girl in the bathroom and asked if i could take a photo

West pier in Brighton – CLICK

My girlfriend looks like Peter Pan

Hello Mittens

Abbey Road

Papa Giorgio

A tattoo from the inside

Lets make out – Banksy

My beautiful sister

This was so cool

city surfing in München

I miss my mum and her cooking

This is england

Notting Hill Carnival

Dachau concentration camp

Danny’s hometown

Vampire Weekend?

A perfect last day in germany

Doha airport

Piccadilly Circus

Aventures ahead

Poor little guy

So many Mittens in europe

South bank, London

Amsterdam the city of love….

Brighton Beach

Jack, whats up?

Road trip, Germany to Holland

I found this on the other side of the world

Miss Sandra Marchetti


Brighton Pier