Lived in Toronto but I Love New York

November 14, 2011

The gridded streets and sunsets go hand in hand

My job was to observe and document

CN tower, Toronto

 The People of New York #1

Skating New York City

 Thought the wall and flag would make a good statement


The People of New York #2 (this shot cost 50c)

 Strawberry fields, John Lennon’s memorial

It was my favorite lamp

Empire State Human

The People of New York #3 (they asked me if they are going to be in a magazine)

Not a care in the world!

The People of New York #4

 Our home for 3months

Being tourists in Central Park

The People of New York #5

The People of New York #6

End of the earth

Arron and Megan

Wild man’s island

Secret garden

Electrical Storm

 I was skating past this church so i went inside and snapped this shot – epic

New York is full of things to see

The People of New York #7

Williamsburg Bridge

Every one was running for shelter but i was hanging in the rain trying to get a shot


 Niagara Falls

peace and quite

I’ll be back.


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